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Brewing My First Beer

I got into homebrewing. I like beer so why wouldn’t I enjoy making beer?! For this first beer I ended up making an ESB I call the Fug Vale ESB. It was delicious, I only have two bottles left… I’m considering sending one to my brother, but then again, I could just drink it. Sorry Calvin!

Here are a few pictures of that whole process:

Getting Started

Some starting materials: yeast and hops. The bowl is my way of keeping things sterile until I need them.

This the the “cooking” part of the process, which turns out is way easier than I expected. You essentially just boil everything for awhile. The hardest part is finding a big pot to use!


So here is the wort in primary fermentation, in my closet in my tiny apartment. For this first batch I was so impatient, I checked it multiple times a day. I almost panicked because it took almost 48h for the yeast to really get going.

A week later: crusty! I’m siphoning the beer into a glass carboy for secondary fermentation (and more waiting).

Taking a gravity reading and tasting! Yup, it’s beer!

Here we are, in my room of requirement.


So two weeks later, it’s time to bottle. These bottles need to be sterilized.

Here’s about half the bottles. The aluminum foil is to prevent particles from falling in after I’ve sterilized the bottles. All said, I got 54x12oz bottles and 3x22 oz bottles, and one 16oz bottle.

There is a wand that you can use to fill the bottles when siphoning.

Caps need to be sterilized too!

Beer after primary: a little cloudy.

Beer after secondary: very clear!

This capper pushes the caps onto the bottles.


The finished product: a tasty beer with a custom label!

Delicious. Overall, this might be one of my favorite tasting beers, even if I hadn’t made it myself. I hope my next one turns out this well!


Here’s a shot of my second brew, which I just racked to secondary yesterday. A green tea ale!